The Coon has his members, Mysterion, Toolshed, The Human Kite, Tupperware, Mosquito, Iron Maiden and Mintberry Crunch. The alert is a fire is in town, and Coon tells His mother to drive there. Cartman also uses bad language. As they arrive, Captain Hindsight came to stop the fire and the job done, burning the people. In Stam's house, the alert starts. The people in their boat who got attack by a monster. In Kenny's house, the alert starts again. Human Kite, Mysterion, Mosquito and Mintberry Cunch enter the basement. Cartman came to Jack Brolin's mansion, and later leaves. Tony Hayward, who says, "We're sorry". Meanwhile Cartman puts up a picture of Captain Hindsight naked with Courtney Love. Mosquito plans for a bake sale. Cartman then beats up Mosquito and Mintberry Crunch(from Clockwork Orange). Later, Captain Hindsight is upset with the photos of him naked with Courtney Love as a blackmail. He says he gets drunk. Meanwhile, The Friends tried confront him, but can't. Human Kite also confronts The Coon with some serious news as he said this to him, "Coon, I'm sorry, but we're kicking you out of Coon and Friends." They vote him out of Coon and Friends. Cartman tells his mother about they use the basement as HQ. Liane makes his punishment. Cartman is grounded for use of bad language and beats up his friends. With no Cartman to control, the friends go fight Cthulhu. The Coon has given to evil and leaps out of the window and yelled "ASSHOLES!!" to go find his friends for a revenge for kicking him out.