Dog Poo (voiced by Trey Parker) is a dirty student at South Park Elementary. He was filler in the classroom


mainly in Seasons 1-3 but when the boys moved up to the fourth grade disappeared and only appears occasionally in the hall or on the playground. He only speaks briefly in "Professor Chaos" as a possible replacement for Kenny, then again in "It's a Jersey Thing". He lamented his status as a supporting character, but didn't survive the first cut. Cartman described him as "more of a prop".

He was called 'Dirt' in the storyboards until "Professor Chaos".

Dog Poo made his first prominent appearance outside of aforementioned episode in "It's a Jersey Thing" as part of Cartman's entourage against Kyle. He is the only member besides Butters to have lines, yelling "GET IT OFF OF ME!" when Snooki rapes him.


He has messy, faded brown hair, and wears a messy brown jacket with dark green trousers or track pants. He has a mark on the left side of his jaw that may be a large mole, scab, dirt stain (similar to Pig-Pen from Peanuts), or actual dog poo. And on the right side of his jaw a scratch.