Clyde with homesickness

"Fatbeard" is episode 188 of Comedy Central's series South Park, it originally aired on April 22, 2009.


Cartman and his fellow schoolmates become pirates and set sail to Somalia, supposedly a 'paradise full of treasure', and of course the place itself fails to meet their expectations. Meanwhile Kyle wants to bring his younger brother Ike back home, who also abandoned his life in South Park to become a pirate.


Eric Cartman manages to convince a few students (Butters Stotch, Clyde Donovan, Kevin Stoley and Ike Broflovski) to abandon their boring, dull lifestyles to become pirates. The group take a flight to the supposed 'paradise full of treasure', Somalia. Kyle supports this idea fully due to the fact that he will enjoy Cartman's absence, and even pays for the flight. However, he is unaware that his younger brother Ike is coming along, until he receives a farewell letter from him. Meanwhile, Cartman and his crew are held captive by the other 'pirates' for a ransom exchange, the pirates and the French Schooners successfully carry out the trade, the five thousand euros for the lives of the children. Kevin then proceeds to scare their saviours off board with a toy lightsaber, and the crew claim the ship as their own. They return to the dock, and somehow recruit all of the pirates. Kyle ventures to Somalia, with the intentions of returning back home with Ike, however Cartman takes him hostage and tries to make him walk the plank. The episode ends when a U.S Navy ship arrives and shoots all of the pirates, but excluding Cartman, his crew, and Kyle. Cartman is left dumbfounded and agitated.