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Voiced by:

Matt Stone

Jimbo Kern, voiced by Matt Stone, is a character in the series South Park. He is the uncle of Stan Marsh. Coincidentally, there are two characters named Jimbo and Kearney on 'The Simpsons', a show that South Park has parodied and lampooned several times. His birthday is May 4th.


He wears an orange hat, orange shirt, green vest, and brown trousers. Underneath his hat, he is nearly bald, but what little hair he has is shown to be brown. He is overweight, and has a double chin. His jawline is very broad and square.

Jimbo was given a completely updated look in the episode "Night of the Living Homeless", his jacket was shaded around the edges of the pockets and looked much better than it did before.

In the episode "South Park Is Gay!" Jimbo shaved his head. It's hard to tell if his hair grew back in season eight onwards.



Jimbo is best known for being a hunter. Indeed, most of his episodes circle around him hunting with his ever-present companion, Ned Gerblansky, and often other local hunters.

Because there was a law issued, which forbade the killing of an animal unless in self-defense, Jimbo used to always say, "It's coming right for us!" Before he and Ned would fire away. However, in the episode, "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka", it was revealed that hunters were not allowed to use this catchphrase as a way to trick the government anymore. Then he started saying, "We need to kill them to thin out their numbers", after killing an animal. This is a reference to how hunting vast quantities of animals, are preventing an overpopulation of those species.

Jimbo is often shown carrying a rifle. This strongly resembles an M16 with a scope on the carrying handle.

Gun dealingEdit

Jimbo also runs the local gun shop. This was first shown in "Weight Gain 4000", when he sold Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat a gun to shoot Kathie Lee Gifford with.

TV showEdit

Jimbo and Ned also co-host a TV show called Huntin' and Killin'. It is first heard of in "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka". It is most likely rated TV-14.

In The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, Jimbo and Ned get into a ratings war against Jesus and Pals. Huntin' and Killin' pulled in about twenty-four viewers, beating Jesus and Pals by about two viewers.

This show has not been mentioned since that episode, but one of it's episodes can be heard on Cartman's TV in the episode "Hooked on Monkey Phonics".

Vietnam WarEdit

Jimbo was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. Vietnam is where he met Ned. In this war Ned accidentally blew his arm off with a grenade. He gave Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny a description about what happened during the war (he told them that there were amusement park rides and that he and Ned beat the entire Vietcong by themselves). Mr. Garrison thought the kids were lying and gave them detention, saying that it was a load of crap but when the Boys argued with him he hints that he was in Vietnam. However, when Jimbo had a conversation with a cameraman who also was in Vietnam, they talked about the rides and that a friend of the cameraman would still be alive if he had taken a log ride, which means the story Jimbo told actually happened (aside from he and Ned defeating the Vietcong). Which of these stories is true is debatable.

In "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" and in "The Red Badge of Gayness" it is revealed that Jimbo is known for his guerrilla tactics.

Other OccupationsEdit

In "The Losing Edge" and "Child Abduction is Not Funny" he appears to be the South Park Cows umpire.


Jimbo generally seems amiable, though he occasionally has streaks of madness, such as when he saw Kenny McCormick as a platypus in Damien. Though the platypus stood on two legs, and was dressed like Kenny, he shot him anyway. He tried to kill him again in "Cripple Fight". Timmy had given Jimmy Vulmer an orange parka to make him look like Kenny, in hopes that this would kill him. One of the obstacles he narrowly escaped was Jimbo, saying "Look! There's Kenny! Get him!" and firing, before taking a closer look, and saying "Oh wait, that's not him!". He also directed the other men in South Park on what to do to Mr. Cotswalds in Hooked on Monkey Phonics.


In the episode "It Hits the Fan", Jimbo is permitted by the creators to say "fag" without being censored, implying that he is gay. However, in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", he grew attracted to Mrs. Tenorman's breasts, implying that he is bisexual. However, in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", when Stan Marsh explains that he's learned that it's okay for homosexuals to be the way they are, Jimbo expressed disagreement. Also, in the episode "Goobacks", he is reluctant to participate in a gay orgy in order to prevent the goobacks from ever existing. Plus, in the episodes of "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut", it is revealed that he had a sexual relation with Liane Cartman, but being nervous about being found out means that he was unaware at the time meaning they never went all the way. These incidents hint that he is straight and in "South Park is Gay", he is caught in the metrosexual craze, and even explains to Mr Garrison that he isn't gay. Yet he has never been married, and his only companion is Ned.


In the episode "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" he and Ned, the Mayor, Officer Barbrady, Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat, the film producer and his assistant, and Eric Roberts all got snowbound. After a while, they got hungry, and Jimbo said they would have to eat each other, since there was no other food available. They started with Eric Roberts, and eventually ate the film producer and his assistant. Curiously, this does not seem to have affected Jimbo or Ned, and they have simply moved on with their lives.


Stan MarshEdit

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Stan is Jimbo's nephew. He cares for his nephew, but he gets frustrated by Stan's animal-loving nature. In "Volcano", Jimbo seemed to give up on Stan, because he refused to shoot anything. All the same, at the end of the episode, when Stan shot the Scuzzlebutt, Jimbo still got upset, and explained that you don't shoot just anything, especially not when it just saved your life. He then tells Stan that he'll always be his nephew, and he'll always love him, even if he is a sissy.

Shelley MarshEdit

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She is Jimbo's niece. He doesn't seem to interact with her much, and prefers his nephew. Due to her personality, Stan seems to be a family favorite.

Randy MarshEdit

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He is Jimbo's half brother by a different father[1]. The appear to have a decent friendly relationship, often drinking together and talking about normal guy stuff. Despite the fact their mother left Jimbo's father, Jimbo himelf seems to hold no ill-will towards his half-brother.

Sharon MarshEdit

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She is Jimbo's sister-in-law. They don't interact much either, but when they do, they seem very compatible and on good terms.

Grandma MarshEdit

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She is Randy and Jimbo Kern's mother. She apparently divorced or cheated on Jimbo's father to be with Marvin Marsh, Randy's father. However due to the fact that they do not live together and Marvin had a sexual encounter with a contortionist in Quintuplets 2000, this would imply that she also left Marvin eventually. She is currently suffereing from an unknown illness in the hospital. She frequents Facebook as seen in "You have 0 Friends".

Kenny McCormickEdit

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As of "Volcano", he became Jimbo's honorary nephew, because he enjoyed hunting animals and shooting or bombing them, like he did (although shortly after, Ned accidentally shot Kenny dead). He also enjoyed guzzling down alcohol and gasoline. However this doesnt stop Jimbo from shouting, "There's Kenny, shoot him!" when he sees Jimmy in the orange parka Kenny always wears.