Kevin C. Stoley is a member of the boys' class. A tertiary character who rarely speaks, he first spoke in "Conjoined Fetus Lady", where despite being white, he was revealed to be Chinese-American. Kevin's most notable trait is his Star Wars obsession, seen in both "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" and again in "Fatbeard". His birthday is February 25.


He wears a sky-blue jacket with a red collar, red gloves, and dark blue/black trousers. His hair is black, and the style is similar to that of Stan's. The light blue color of his jacket explains why in the ancient scripts he was written as "Sky". He is supposed to be of Chinese descent, but he appears not to have the "slanted" eyes stereotype featured in many of the asians in the show. This is likely because he was conceived in America, and so appears as an Caucasian. This backs up Chef's statement in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" that people should not be teased or discriminated on account of their race or religion, but that it's okay to tease people on account of their nationality.


In "My Future Self n' Me", a couple known as the Brooks hire a man vaguely resembling the Kevin character (who has the same sky-blue/red color scheme and hairstyle) to keep their son out of drugs by using him as a "future self" decoy. Although the child is referred to as Kevin, it is unsure if "Kevin Brooks" and Kevin were intended to be the same character (as the show tends to reuse similar-looking models for different characters).

Kevin closely resembles a female 4th grade student named Esther. The main difference is that the collar of her jacket is pink, as are her pants. They may be twins. In this case, Kevin's mother may have appeared in 'Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset' - a woman is seen by Esther with the same sky blue/pink color scheme, and black hair much like Esther and Kevin's, however she also does not look Chinese and Kevin is not visibly present. He may have been with his father though.


He is first referred to by name in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" by Mr. Garrison as "Casey" (possibly "K.C." from which many fans claim 'C' as the initial of his middle name.), but is referred to by Stan in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" as "Kevin". Since then, he has consistently been referred to as "Kevin".


Kevin's exact relationships/friendships are unknown due to him only making a handful of appearance, and he is implied to be unpopular, but in "Insheeption" he is shown sitting at lunch with the main boys.


Kevin and her were often shown hanging around, where in the earlier seasons, eating lunch together and standing by each other in crowd scenes. However, as Rebecca's role as one of the girls increased they are now only rarely seen together in episodes such as "Lice Capades".

Eric CartmanEdit

Like everyone else in the school, Kevin probably despises Cartman. However he has never shown it, and will aid Cartman on occasion. Cartman mostly does not notice Kevin most of the time. He has no qualms about accepting Cartman as a leader on numerous occasions, meaning either he is a person who likes to follow orders more than give them, or he trusts Cartman to some extent. He joined Cartman's crew in "Fatbeard". A running gag is that Cartman always gets very annoyed by Kevin's love of Star Wars, such as in The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.


  • Although the other children are often annoyed by Kevin's love of Star Wars, other episodes show them liking it, such as Pink Eye.
  • Out of the three major characters named Kevin, Kevin Stoley is the only one who continues to appear consistently.
  • Kevin appears in the hallway, during the field trip in "200" and at lunch in "Insheeption" but never in the classroom in the fourteenth season.


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