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Voiced By:

Matt Stone


The Human Kite, Karen McCormick, Toolshed


The Coon, Jessica, The WeatherHeads

Mysterion is the super hero identity of Kenny McCormick who appears in the episodes "The Coon", "Coon 2: Hindsight", "Mysterion Rises" and "Coon vs. Coon and Friends". He is one of Mr. Garrison's fourth grade students at South Park Elementary masquerading as a vigilante under the pseudonym 'Mysterion'. He unveiled himself after the Coon persuaded them to for the good of the town. Due to the way the characters' facial characteristics are—their eyes, lack of noses, and mouth — it was initially unclear who Mysterion was to the audience, but the townspeople recognized him immediately.

Originally, Trey Parker and Matt Stone intended for Mysterion to be a one-time character and had not planned for his identity to ever be revealed, or even intended for him to be a particular character and intended him, like Eric Cartman's father, only to cause debates among fans. However, during Season 14, Mysterion returned in a story arc beginning in "Coon 2: Hindsight" as a member of Coon and Friends, and in the follow-up "Mysterion Rises" his identity was revealed to be Kenny, and he possesses a superpower - his familiar inability to die as well as the fact no one remembers him dying.


Mysterion looks very much like a child superhero, as he wears a pair of white underwear briefs over his base suit, which is an off-lavender and has a bright green 'M' on the front of it. Around his waist, there is a plain, thin black belt with a dark grey, standard buckle. Brown boots adorn his feet. There is a dark blue cloak that drags on the ground wrapped around his neck and provides a shield for his/ her hair or any defining features. This cloak has a bright green question mark made of some type of sturdy material attached to a spring that just out from the top of Mysterion's head. Finally, he wears a black half-mask that covers his face from the bridge of the nose up.

Unfortunately, there are little clues as to what features Mysterion possesses that makes him distinctive. Like most children in South Park's animation style, Mysterion has a perfectly round head, an averagely sized body, two tilted oval eyes with black pupils, and a mouth. He is extremely agile, and can run away quickly enough to disappear while a string of fireworks are blowing up.

Vigilante ActivitiesEdit

Despite everyone's insistence on how important Mysterion was to the town, he appeared to stop relatively small crimes. The only crimes we saw him stop were public disorderly conduct and graffitti by reporting them to the police. He also beats up Proffessor Chaos (Butters) and General Dissarray to stop them from blowing up a hospital (although fellow "hero" The Coon was really behind that plot) and his dialogue with Chaos indicates that he has probably stopped his "evil" plots before.


Mysterion seems to be more of a hand-to-hand combat fighter, as we see when he fights with Professor Chaos and General Disarray. In Coon vs. Coon and Friends, he is seen toting a handgun, although he never uses it for his vigilante activities, but only to shoot himself on two seperate occasions. The only tool we had seen Mysterion to use was a strand of firecrackers, which is illegal in the state of Colorado, in order to escape from the Coon. Mysterion made it to the top of buildings with the use of ladders, stairs, or elevators. In "Mysterion Rises" we are to discover Mysterion possesses a superpower - he is unable to die, always waking up in his bed every day as if nothing ever happened, with nobody remembering it. He has died "countless" times, and is unaware of why himself. It is implied however, it has to do with the Necromonicon and the cult of Cthulhu. Coon vs. Coon and Friends also reveals that he may use his immortality as a sort of improvised teleport: Since he will go back to his bed after he dies, he kills himself to be sent back there. He uses this technique to escape the sunken city of Ry'leh.


Before Mysterion was revealed to be Kenny, Cartman had named Craig, Kyle, Kenny, Stan, Clyde, and arguably Wendy as suspects, and during the unmasking Cartman claims he'd "knew it all along; [he] even said so before!" However, Mysterion is shown confronting Kyle in private, which ruled him out. Mr. Garrison pointed out Mysterion is a member of his class. No female had been listed as a suspect on Professor Chaos and General Disarray's wall of Mysterion suspects, which implies Mysterion as a male, and in addition, the amateur drawing of Mysterion shows a clearly male character with a masculine form and jaw, as well as a very deep voice. Also, the underwear worn are 'male' underwear, even farther ruling out Wendy or any other female student as a suspect.

He is able to move around without aid, so he could not have been Jimmy or Timmy. Also, he remained extremely calm under pressure and did not twitch, making Tweek extremely unlikely. Clyde was shown sleeping in class the day before Mysterion and the Coon (Eric Cartman) met, which some fans claimed he was tired from his activities as Mysterion. However, other students are shown tired, so it may have simply been to illustrate disinterest in the Coon's identity.

In the Season 13 DVD, the deleted ending of The Coon reveals that the boy unmasked at Town Hall was Kyle, and he was arrested as a result. Mysterion, however, appeared to Kyle outside his cell and revealed his face, repeating the gag again. While this would also dilute both Garrison and Cartman's clues, it is a general rule of thumb in fiction for deleted scenes to be non-canonical.

In Coon 2: Hindsight, the Mysterion suspects are narrowed down to two people: Kenny and Clyde. Kenny and Clyde were called out by Cartman and he said "I even said it was you,", unlike Bradley, who was not even on Professor Chaos' suspect list, nor accused by Cartman. Stan is shown as a separate hero within Mysterion's presence, ruling him out, and Craig does not appear in the episode.

In Mysterion Rises, it is revealed he is Kenny McCormick, after he urges Captain Hindsight to shoot him.