"Starvin' Marvin" is episode 9 of Comedy Central's series South Park. It originally aired on November 19, 1997.

Plot EditEdit

In this classic episode, the boys send in money to Sally Struthers's organization to help Ethiopians, hoping to get a watch as compensation. There is a mix-up, and instead a little Ethiopian boy (Starvin' Marvin) is sent to them. Eventually, the government comes to get Marvin (who is at Cartman's house) to send him home, but Marvin lies and claims that Cartman is the Ethiopian boy, and Cartman gets sent to Ethiopia. Meanwhile, back in South Park, Dr. Mephisto's mutant turkeys go crazy, and the townspeople unite to fight them. But all ends well when the Turkeys are defeated, Marvin returns home, and Cartman is returned.