South Park Team Craig

Team Craig, from left to right, Token, Clyde, Craig and Tweek.

Team Craig is a group that seems to have a rivalry with Team Stan. The group consists of Craig Tucker, Clyde Donovan, Token Black, Jimmy Valmer  and Tweek Tweak.


  • Clyde Donovan - The friend with a good sense of morality, but tends to cry often.
  • Craig Tucker - The cynical, trouble-maker friend who has a habit of flipping people off. He appears to be the leader of the gang.
  • Token Black - The level-headed, rational friend who is shown to be quite intelligent.
  • Jimmy Valmer - The handicapped but optomistic friend who likes telling jokes, despite his stutter. 
  • Tweek Tweak - The jittery, always anxious friend who twitches frequently, and constantly feels "under pressure". Craig's Boyfriend.