"Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus" is episode 201 of Comedy Central's a

Terrance and Phillip

nimated series South Park. It originally aired on April 1, 1998, and is a parody of the movie Not Without My Daughter. Because the airdate was on April Fools' Day, the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, decided to air a completely irrelevant Terrance and Phillip episode instead of the finale of the first season's cliffhanger, which was originally promised to air.
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This episode of South Park begins in a courtroom in Canada with Terrance on trial for the murder of Dr. Jeffrey O'Dwyer. Phillip is acting as his lawyer while Terrance and Phillip's sworn nemesis Scott is acting as the prosecution lawyer. Scott uses a group of airtight exhibits to prove Terrance's guilt but after a series of farts during the verdict reading he is found innocent. Upon hearing the verdict Scott promises to get Terrance and Phillip soon.

Terrance and Phillip return home where they enjoy some Kraft Dinner and a bout of dressing up as pirates. Terrance is interrupted by a courier who delivers a telegram informing him that his daughter Sally has been kidnapped in Iran. Terrance and Phillip both decide they will go to Iraq ("Iran? Iraq? What's the difference?") to rescue her but first must visit Celine Dion (who is revealed to be Terrance's ex-wife and the mother of Sally).

Terrance and Phillip head out to Tehran, here they manage to find Sally within a few seconds of landing and quickly head back home. Meanwhile back in Canada it is revealed that Scott has struck a deal with Saddam Hussein to take care of Terrance and Phillip for him in exchange for helping his troops begin an invasion of Canada (the kidnapping of Sally in Tehran was orchestrated by Saddam in order that his troops could be smuggled back to Canada on the return flight).

Terrance and Phillip are outraged by the changes they see in Canada upon their return. Scott, after realizing he has been double crossed by Saddam, visits Terrance and Phillip to tell them that they are to blame for his impending invasion and informs them that the only way to stop it is to suicide bomb him and his troops at the Roughriders vs. Rough Riders game. However they decide upon a different plan which will both get rid of Saddam once and for all and save them from certain death.

Meanwhile, Celine Dion is now sleeping with, and has become pregnant by, a friend of Terrance and Phillip named Ugly Bob. He almost always wears a bag on his head, and despite the fact that under it he looks just like every other Canadian on South Park, people inexplicably scream in horror at the sight of him. According to Phillip, his face looks like "Somebody tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver." To consolidate his power, Celine Dion is kidnapped by Saddam to sing the Iraqi national anthem at the game.

At the game, Saddam signals his intention to begin his hostile takeover of Canada and forces Celine Dion to begin singing the Iraqi anthem. Terrance and Phillip who are sitting in the crowd then prompt everyone to put on gas masks and fart in unison. Eventually Saddam and his troops are overpowered by the gas and die. They are then disemboweled by the crowd who finally celebrate their freedom with a rendition of the Canadian national anthem.

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